Are You Sweet or Spicy or in between

Do you think you are sweet, spicy, or just mild. Find out here and prove to your friends.

published on May 03, 201159 responses 17 2.9★ / 5

Your friends are being bullied by a couple of boys, you...

Try to solve it. You hate seeing people bully others
Stand up for your friend. They shouldn't do that anyway
Nothing. You don't need to get involved.

You are

Optimistic, something good will happen
Phenominological, I'll take things as it is
Pessimistic, something bad will happen


If it's a romance, yes
Nah. Prefer sports
yeah. nothing better to do

What is a disaster

An endangered animal
cyclones, and tornadoes :(
Everything in my life

Fave singers or actress/actors

Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers
Evanescence, Katy Perry, Shakira
No one
Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler
Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves
no one