What kind of bat are you?

What kind of bat are you?

Bats are very misunderstood animals, but that doesn´t make them any less awesome. Take this quiz to find out which flying mammal is most like you!

published on May 20, 201366 responses 3
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Your friends invite you to a party tonight. What do you say?

Absolutely, I love parties!
Nah... I'd rather go for a walk alone.
Sorry guys, I have a lot of work to do!
Sure, as long as you don´t leave me alone with strangers!
No one would invite me to a party.

You finally went to the party. What is the first thing you do?

Find my best friends, and then make a lot of noise with them!
Skulk in the corners, watching the girl/boy you like but not daring to say hi.
Where is the food?
Find the girl/boy you like and use your charm to make them instantly fall for you!
Play some cruel pranks on the geeky kids.

Which of the following would you identify as?

An easy going, fun-loving kind of person.
An emo, goth or simply outsider.
A very professional, intelectual type.
An artistic, creative type.
A competitive jock.

Which part of your body usually gets the most compliments from people?

My beautiful eyes
My perfect teeth
I don´t get any compliments :(
Everything! People always say I'm cute
My fit body or my height

What kind of movies do you prefer?

Teen comedies!
Horror movies
Smart movies that make me think
Anything with cute boys/girls in it!
Action movies with lots of violence and explosions!

Ok, now for the delicate question... what do you think about the slaughtering of animals for their meat?

It's just wrong. :(
I wish we didn´t have to kill them but I'm just so used to meat!
I think people should have the right to eat whatever they wanted.
I prefer not to think much about this... :(
Its just the way of nature. If cows were carnivorous they would try to farm us too!

Final question: if you wrote a movie in which Batman and Dracula meet, which of the following would be most like your story?

Batman and Dracula become friends and have a lot of adventures together!
Dracula sucks Batman's blood and Batman becomes a vampire.
What kind of absurd idea is that for a movie?
Hum... they fall in love?
They fight for two hours and a half until they both die.