What Rank Are You In A Wolf Pack?

What Rank Are You In A Wolf Pack?

find out if you're the Alpha, Beta, Healer, Warrior, Hunter, or an Omega in a wolf pack

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What is your favorite color of these options?

Black - dark and mysterious
Rainbow - Stunning and unpredictable!
White - beautiful and revealing
Blue - happy, content
red - the color of blood!
pink - pretty and happy
gray - dull and unknowing

Your pack is attacked by a rival pack!!! Quick! What do you do?

Charge straight towards the strongest-looking wolf and try to kill them!
hide the elderly, sick, and young, and protect them.
Make sure everyone is safe, then join the fight.
look for the wounded and try to help them any way you can.
slink away and try to hide, the pack means nothing to you anyways.
freak out and try your hardest to think of a plan of action, but can find none.
think for a moment and help struggling packmates.

your friend is caught in a hunter's trap, what will you do?

What friend?
Find the hunter and shred them to bits.
help your friend and try to get away before the hunter notices.
Run up to your friend and try to keep them safe until someone comes to help.
set them free and tend to any injuries they might have received and flee.
Recruit the pack members to help out.
try to keep them happy until someone arrives to help.

You see a random person being beat-up by a small gang of wolves. What would you do?

Tell the gang to beat it or else, even though they clearly outmatch you.
Walk away.
scare the gang away and help the injured wolf.
You'd love to help, but you're far too weak to take them all on.
Instantly shred them to pieces and make sure they don't come back here again!
You don't know them, they could be a traitorous back-stabber! *walk away*
you: "Protect the weak and defenseless!" Jump between them.

What rank do you want?

You: "What's the point? I came here for YOU to choose!"

Are you Male or Female?

you: "Why do you want to know?"
*Refuse to answer*

You find a deer carcass in the forest, just enough for... maybe three wolves. What do you do?

Eat your fill and move on.
Call the pack over, you can all get a little bit.
Bring some to the weakest in the pack so they can get their strength up.
Eat it, you have no one to share it with anyway.
Call the pack over once you have eaten your fill.
leave it, the pack can hunt for more if they need it.
leave it, no one knows it's there, but they will notice your larger stomach...they wouldn't like the truth.

The team captains are choosing for players to play football, when will you be called?

last, I'm not very athletic or anything special in their eyes.
eh, football is a stupid game, you're not playing.
You: "Are you kidding? I'm the one choosing!"
How would you know? You're not a mind-reader!
Everyone knows you're the best at the game, you're first!
You: "Who know's?"
Close to last, you have some skill but you aren't very useful.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Flying of course!
Shape-shifting FTW!
you already have all you need. :)
You don't really know....
The ability to know when people need help

What's your biggest skill?

Guarding things
Making people feel better

What's your favorite element?