Are you a Seguinist?

Are you a Seguinist?

Do you love or hate the future of the Boston Bruins, their almost never played rookie Tyler Seguin?

published on May 03, 20115 responses 0
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You're Claude Julien and it's playoff time. Nathan Horton slips, falls, and hurts his ankle. What do you do?

Play him. He'll be alright.
Play Tyler Seguin. The kid has to play in his firt playoff game at some point.
Play Jordan Caron.

In an interview you are asked, "How do you think Seguin is progressing?" What do you say?

"For the amount of ice time he gets, he's doing outstanding. I wish they'd play him some more. I think he's quite the player."
"I think the staff needs to give him some more time. The easiest way to learn is by experience."
"He's not doing bad. Overall I think we're satisfied with his performance. He could do better though. If he earns it he'll get more ice time."

What was your reaction when the Oilers picked Taylor Hall?

"Darn, we're stuck with Seguin."
"Yes! We get Seguin!"

What do you think of Seguin being scratched as often as he is?

It really bothers me.
He deserves it.
Who cares?
It doesn't bother me, but it'd be nice to see him play every once in a while.

What would be a good line for Seguin?

with Horton and Lucic on the first line
with Bergeron and Lucic on the first line
with Horton and Bergeron on the first line
with Kelly and Peverley on the second line
with Recchi and Marchand on the second line
with Campbell and Thornton on the fourth line
no line at all