What kind of snake are you?

What kind of snake are you?

There are over 3000 species of snakes in the world. Ever wondered which one is most like you? Take this quiz to find out!

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Which of the following are you most likely to wear?

A hoodie.
All black clothes.
Something comfortable.
Something discrete that doesn´t catch anyone's eye.
Bright colors.

You're walking on the street and suddenly a menacing-looking guy starts approaching you. What do you do?

Try to get away. I don´t want any trouble.
Raise my fists and prepare to fight.
Wait and see what he does. Maybe he's just passing by.
Act crazy so he will freak out and go away.

People around you are likely to describe you as...

Shy, clever and introverted.
Nervous and active.
Quiet, peaceful and friendly.
Bad tempered and aggressive.
Weird, in a good way.

If you had to choose, which one of the following would you eat for a million dollars?

A snake.
A bowl of newborn mice. Raw.
Fifteen cheeseburgers. And lots of fries. (If you puke, you lose, tho).
A raw chicken.
A bowl of live frogs.

If you were a superhero, which of the following powers would you want to have?

The ability of killing anyone with a touch of your finger.
Super speed and agility.
Enormous strength!
The fastest fists in the world!

Which of the following jobs seems more attractive to you?

President of the world. Or at least a big country.
Olympic athlete.
A normal, well paid job.
A hitman or secret agent.
An artist.

Your best friend hid behind the door and jumped out to scare you as a prank. How are you most likely to react?

Jumping out of my skin. I hate surprises!
Stand there hyperventilating and ask him why would he do such a thing.
Punching him on the face.
Laugh about it, even if you were scared at first.

There are a bunch of burglars in your house. They didn´t know you were there when they broke in and haven´t noticed you yet. What do you do?

Hide and hope they go away without finding me, but be ready in case they do find me and I have to fight.
Try and find a way out of the house as fast as possible!
Stay very still and hope that one of them comes close to me and my baseball bat.
Attack them! No one steals from me! Die, dogs, die!
Hide under the bed crying and praying.

Which of these gruesome fates sounds worst to you?

Being poisoned.
Being trampled to death.
Being strangled.
Being eaten alive.
Being skinned alive.

What would you rather watch on TV?

Discovery Channel or Nat Geo
The sports channel!
The food channel!
A show about murder