What kind of Undead are you?

What kind of Undead are you?

Ever wondered what kind of Undead creature you would become if it depended on your current personality? Maybe you already have a pretty good idea of what it would be but who knows... you could be dead wrong! :D

published on May 19, 201360 responses 11
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Let's start with some daydreaming. If you could have any house you wanted, and you didn´t even have to pay for it, which one would you prefer?

A fancy house with plenty of expensive art and tight security.
A house? I would rather live in a huge old mansion, or even a castle!
Any house will do. I spend most of my time outside anyways.
I really like the house where I live right now. May not be a lot but, its home...

Be honest. At school, which one of the following were you?

The bad boy/girl everyone had a crush on.
The rich kid who wanted to be treated like royalty.
I was an outsider. People wouldn´t even notice me.
Oh, I was just a normal kid, one of the crowd you could say.

What do you think life should be about?

Finding someone who loves you, so you can spend the rest of your life with them.
Having a great time and being filthy rich.
Have a family, a home, and fight hard not to lose them.
Learning, gaining knowledge and share it with the world.

What do you think about the afterlife?

I hope its real... the thought of disappearing completely is terrifying.
I don´t believe in it. Once your brain stops working, its all over.
Maybe its real, maybe not... I don´t really think about it.
I used to be a skeptic but then something happened that changed my mind...

So, one day a Hollywood team comes to your door and say they want you to be one of the stars in a movie!! Problem is... its a Twilight movie. What do you say?

Hell no!! I hate the Twilight movies.
Am I being Punk'd or something? Why would anyone want me to star in a Twilight movie?
Sure. I'll do it for the money.
Hell yes!! I would love to be famous and loved by millions!

If you were to die soon, how would you want people to remember you?

As a good person who helped others.
As a smart person. I would hate to be remembered as an idiot.
As the coolest, most handsome person ever.
I'll be happy if anyone remembers me at all.

You are invited to a party. There's a lot of people, a lot of food, and a lot of drinking. What are you most likely to be doing?

Being the center of attention (and be pissed if someone steals my thunder).
Just hang out with everyone, have fun, and eat a lot!
Drinking and hooking up. That's the whole point of parties, right?
Skulk in a corner, hoping that someone will talk to me eventually.

So, there's someone you really really hate and you have the chance to kill them in any way you can think of. Which one of the following are you most likely to pick?

In some strange or theatrical way so people keep talking about it for years!
Old fashioned, gory murder; bashing their brains out with a baseball bat or something like that.
With a disease, so no one ever suspects I had anything to do.
I could never kill someone.

Which of the following sounds most terrifying to you?

A painful death.
Disappearing after death (no afterlife)
Losing everything (home, family, etc)

If you could have the car of your dreams, what color it would be?

Black, or maybe red.
Blue, white or grey.
Green or purple.
Yellow or golden.