Your life at Hogwarts-Sorting & meeting friends

Your life at Hogwarts-Sorting & meeting friends

So,this is my 1st quiz.I'm trying my hardest but it might not be the best.Please enjoy!

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Favorite color pattern?

Red & Gold
Yellow & Black
Blue & Silver
Green & Silver

Favorite Character(s)?

Draco Malfoy,Severus
Snape,Voldemort,Regulus Black,Bellatrix
Lestrange,Pansy Parkinson
Susan Bones,Cedric Diggory
Cho Chang,Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter,Hermione Granger,Ron
Weasley,Ginny Weasley,Neville
Longbottom,Parvati Patil

Which house do you want to be in?

Clever Ravenclaw
Cunning Slytherin
Brave Gryffindor
Loyal Hufflepuff

Blood Status?

Pure-blood,but don't really care
Pure-blood,and it matters ALOT to me

Let fate decide....

Professor Sprout
I <3 books!
...I like Draco Malfoy.
Anyone else up for a duel?