What kind of person are you? (10)

What kind of person are you? (10)

Are you anoying? Are you cool? Who are you? Find out NOW!! Please take this quiz.

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At lunch you...

Avoid people/Sit alone
Insult people. Dont worry, they're cool!
Its always different but no matter wut u know imma kill out there
Hangin with my buds!
Sharing my lunch with people who lost they're lunch money
BEING HILARIOUS! Im so funny, this one girl avoided me for like a week!
Complimenting nice people... well mostly telling off blliies.
Hangin with my gamer buddys!

Fridays afer school your...

Makin videos
Doing chipmunck voices
Being myself
playing games
Lemonade stand, or donating to good causes
Alone. By my self
alone. Maybe with my mom/dad/parent or legal gardian
Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone who gets me borad

Have u ever had to say something rude?

I'm not sure
I... Do... Not... Know!!! HAHAHA! LOL
idk. maybe on minecraft
Only in the defence of someone else
I guess so

What's ur fav tv show

I dont know. They're all so great
You know, on any show, ill totally disoriant from anything around me
Full House
I don't watch tv. I send them money to give them work in case this acting this doesn't work out
Maybe... Spongebob or Family Feud
Who cares? Oh yea, stupid people. that makes u stupid!
They all stink and you stink for liking them

How do u think of urself?

Gamer power! Imma TROLL
The ultra-est funny purrsen LML Laughin mad loud!
Im unsure. I think I presure people into freindship
Maybe a little selfish