could you date me?(guys only)

could you date me?(guys only)

see if you can date,i dare.yeah she dares,WILDFIRE STOP IT! sorry about him.

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OKAY with glasses?

are they cool glasses

like animals,i mean it?

their okay
no way
hug me

would you respect my daemon wildfire?

sigh me up
are you crazy
what's he like

are you a nature person ?

nice day
nature sucks
love it

what's your favorite color?

blood red

okay with swearing dude?

try not to but okay with it
uh no

computers are what to you?

my life
good when bored
hate them

first date would be what?

if in my interest anywhere
my house
text date

cell phones are what to you?

live without
not crazy about them
text me the answer

would you enjoy a daemon or at least think it over? we're cool-wildfire

crazy person
whats mine