how annoyed awre you (oops, I spelled a word wrong)

how annoyed awre you (oops, I spelled a word wrong)

I'm going to try to annoy you and see how you react. This is for science. I am in the RSP (Royal Society of Poop. hahaha LOL)

published on May 16, 201370 responses 11 4.5★ / 5

all right, start the quiz. No eating during the quiz. Download your free coke and start now.

you can't download coke, idiot
hi, I guess... I hope I get a silly answer to this quiz
I downloaded sprite, is my computer broken?
sure, I'll start... you only live once
sounds like my sorta quiz


I'm male...I like guy time
you're fun...I'm fun...YAY, EVEREYBODY'S FUN!
shut up


silly is cool
this sucks

and now it's the end of the quiz

there are 2 more questions on my computer
that was fun
I liked the craziness of the quiz
thank god... it was terrible
well, that quiz made me feel very akward
aaaaw, It's over so soon?

oh look, there's one more question!

oh god
um, how do I answer it?
that was fun
there's another one after this!!!
nice... more silliness
OK, good idea to have an extra question