Which Tarazari Character are your most like

Which Tarazari Character are your most like

Find out which one of my characters your are most like. All of my personal OCS have their own personality. Figure out your favorite one~

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You feel a little hungry

Please! I'm only a LITTLE hungry! It can wait!
I'll eat in a bit... if I ever get out of the den! for the most part, when someone brings it to me!
Um... I think I'll eat after everyone else has... I dont want anyone else to go hungry...
so... let's see, what CAN I eat right now?

So... would you ever do anything bad?


Pups anyone? (or kids)

I have no time for this kind of thing!
I cant! I shouldnt even DATE!
*blushes* Well... depends on who the father is... *faints*
Will probably happen soon! I'll still act shocked, but I kinda know it's comming!

ya wake up in the morning, what do you do?

Coffee....! Coffee...! I need coffee...!
get up, and get going! Nothin' gets done while you sit around!
well, I guess step outside for a breath of fresh air, then I'll eat and get going with my day!
*Yawns quietly* Good morning everyone! I'm going to go clean myself...
*Dramatic Yawn* OH DAMN YOU MORNINGS! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN MY DAY! *Falls back asleep* See you at noon!

Someone likes you...

Really *Sexy smile* well then
Look I appreciate it, but I'm busy right now, If you want, I'll talk with you later!
If only I could love...
*face turns completely red* *faints*
really? sounds nice! Here's my number! Call me!

A member of your pack was just attacked by a rouge wolf. What do you do?

Charge at him! dont hold anything back!
Find out what you are dealing with before you make any decisions.
It's none of MY business what happens! I'll do what I need to, but I wont fight!
um.... that's too bad... I might stay here in camp for a bit... until the others deal with it...
Well... who was it? if it's a friend, than yea! I'll go!

What kind of music do you listen to?

Anything besides country!
I dont have much time for that!
if I have the time, Anything really~
nice music, none of that screaming stuff!
Has to have swear words!

someone asked you about yourself.

Dude! I'm like AWESOME! *be overdramatic*
I'm BUSY! Leave me alone please! I'll get back to you!
I'll be honest! I like what I do, And I know I'm important!
Um.... I'm shy... *blushes*
I'm awesome! that's all you need to know!