how well do u know Justin Bieber

how well do u know Justin Bieber

this is about Justin bieber and how well u know him like if your obsessed or your friends just dared u to

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what are his hobbies

hockey, pulling pranks, making funny videos
soccer, football,tennis

what are his nicknames

cool guy,dog

what are his favorite foods

spaghetti and meatballs, tacos
pizza and chips

what is his favorite drink

orange juice

when was he born

march1, 1994
august5, 1985

who are his siblings

have sister jazmyn and have brother jaxon
sister Sara and sister carry

what is his full name

Justin drew bieber
Justin Mathew bieber

what is his favorite number


where is his current town

los Angeles, California

what is his favorite movies

the rocky series
jersey shore

where is his hometown


what are his pets

dogs named Sam and Baylor
cats named fifi and popsicle

what is his favorite dessert

apple pie
chocolate cake

what is his favorite color