Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Sense... find out if you are a unique dresser, trending girl or totally off the fashion charts.

published on May 12, 201316 responses 0 2.0★ / 5

Every outfit you wear matches from head to toe

I can't stand outfits that don't match
I just throw on whatever I can find

You own 10 of the same shirts in the same colour

Yeah! Once one gets dirty I wear another one
No way! People will think I wear the same shirt day after day.

Your closet consists ragged sweatshirts, holey undies and socks

Yes... add ripped jeans to that list
No way... whenever something rips it gets thrown out immediately

Do you Dress for occasions?

For Christmas Dinner I wear a bright yellow top with ripped jeans
For Christmas Dinner, all my clothes are red or black and dressed up enough for the occasion.

Do you wear jewelry?

Yes! I change it everyday to match with whatever I am wearing
Only the earrings I have been wearing for the past 5 months.