What Hogwarts house are you??

What Hogwarts house are you??

Whats your Hogwarts house? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? Ravenclaw?

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Good first quiz?
(ps im half asleep!)

uhhm... sure?
Yep Yep yep! ;)
heck yeazzz
its ok
no comment...
Dont click this but im just saying I wanna thank all the people that took this! This box will effect your answer if you click it so DONT!!!

Favorite colour?

red, yellow, black, white ;)
green, white, silver, aqua somthing like that! :P
blue, gold, silver, maybe a little pink?
orange, yellow, red
thwe colors of fire! ;D

if Harry Potter crashed in your window right now with a UFO holding a letter saying you were accepted at Hogwarts School! Whats the first thing you think?

OMG HARRY I LOVE YOU!!!! *faints*
Me: o.0 and I though I was in love with Wood! :P
*happy dance!* WOOHOO
kewl I guess...
WTF? why would he be in a UFO?
ummm... are you on drugs?
me: -__- NO!!!
Mewo! xD

what house do you wanna be in?



Lame! I have better things to do!
Im in it im a Chaser!
me: No way Me 2! xD
Duh! Seeker!
Umm... im to worried i might get hurt.... you know its not a very friendly game!
me: whimp!! JK JK JK
hell YA!

Role play!
so you are walking down the corridor when you hear someone scremaing your name...
Its Harry.. What does he want?

A hug! My bestie missed me over the summer holidays! ;)
Nothing.. He got me mixed up with some one else!
Umm... idk... :'') im just glad he is coming this way!
I must have forgoten something in Potions class!
idk! *flees*