What Hogwarts house are you??

What Hogwarts house are you??

Whats your Hogwarts house? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? Ravenclaw?

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Lame! I have better things to do!
Im in it im a Chaser!
me: No way Me 2! xD
Duh! Seeker!
Umm... im to worried i might get hurt.... you know its not a very friendly game!
me: whimp!! JK JK JK
hell YA!

Good first quiz?
(ps im half asleep!)

uhhm... sure?
Yep Yep yep! ;)
heck yeazzz
its ok
no comment...
Dont click this but im just saying I wanna thank all the people that took this! This box will effect your answer if you click it so DONT!!!

what house do you wanna be in?


if Harry Potter crashed in your window right now with a UFO holding a letter saying you were accepted at Hogwarts School! Whats the first thing you think?

OMG HARRY I LOVE YOU!!!! *faints*
Me: o.0 and I though I was in love with Wood! :P
*happy dance!* WOOHOO
kewl I guess...
WTF? why would he be in a UFO?
ummm... are you on drugs?
me: -__- NO!!!
Mewo! xD

Role play!
so you are walking down the corridor when you hear someone scremaing your name...
Its Harry.. What does he want?

A hug! My bestie missed me over the summer holidays! ;)
Nothing.. He got me mixed up with some one else!
Umm... idk... :'') im just glad he is coming this way!
I must have forgoten something in Potions class!
idk! *flees*

Favorite colour?

red, yellow, black, white ;)
green, white, silver, aqua somthing like that! :P
blue, gold, silver, maybe a little pink?
orange, yellow, red
thwe colors of fire! ;D