which moshi monster are you?

Now for those of you who know moshi monsters, I have created a quiz for you. Please I need as many friends as possible, I'm new here.

published on May 01, 201137 responses 13
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What do you think about flying?

AS long as I'm hot!
Nope, I prefer to slouch!
Nah, I can wow people with my talents
You dont need to fly to be cute!

How do you dress?

I don't care!
I dress super cute, Just like I am!
I love ribbons and girly shoes!
AS long as its comfy I don'y care
I dress so stylish!
I prefer goth

What does your laugh sound like?

I dont laugh, I grunt
eh, I Don't care, my laugh is scary
Its cute!
Its loud and sharp
I dont know.

are you always happy?

Not always, I can get angry easily.
Always happy
what?I don't know what happy is.
I am always happy and full of energy
Yes manly coz im hot!

How do feel about games?

Love them!
I guess they are cool.
Nope don't like them
Only if I get them right!
As long as I can shout when I win.
Hate them!