I bet i can guess if your a girl or a boy!

Sorry if i get it wrong, its my first time making a quiz. I hope I get your gender right!Good luck!!!!!!

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Do you like to run around and get sweaty?

Yes, Ill do it all the time!
eww, thats gross

Do you prefer Justin beiber or Cheryl cole?

Justin Beiber
Cheryl Cole

How much ice cream do you eat?

Fill the bowl!
Only a little bit, too much gives me brain freeze.
THe highest I'll go is half a bowl!
I don't care I love ice-cream

Which colours do you pick?

Pink and red
Blue and purple
black and white
black white and red

Which type car would you like to take you to a concert.

Sports car
Eston Martin

At a party, your on stage, making an anouncement and you get embarrased. Do you:

Run and hide in the toilets
Keep talking about yourself, to make it look like your perfect
give the mic to someone else and go on the dance floor
Change the subject to something more interesting.


Yes all the time!
erm maybe a bit, i have got to leave time for my game consoles.
maybe, like once a month
eww, thats disgusting!