What type of doggie r you

What type of doggie r you

I am feeling bored and I was thinking bout dogs and I was like doggies and ppl hmm... lets find out which one you will be hahaha lets have some F-U-N haha jkjk

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When you see bacon you

run to the table
walk away
grab a apple
tell your momma to grind it for you
Just look at your mom with puppy dog eyes until she give you some

If you see a friend being bullied you

Jump in the middle of it
Call for help
walk away I didn't see nothing
Look at you nails then look back
make up a plan to get them back

-random question- What your fav color out of these colors

Gray and purple
soft colors
hmm.. none of these

pick a number


If your mom left you to go shoppin and didn't tell you and she was down the street you...

Run and jump in the car
Call her and tell her to come and get you
Get mad and tell your daddy
mumbles something under your breath
Thinks and just feel mad

If your invite to a party what do you wear

3 S's- shorts shirt shoes
Something I found in my closet
Go straight to the mall with daddy credit card
I have too study I'm not going
I'm grounded sorry maybe next year

When you are feeling blue you

Get anger and go off on everyone
Go to your bff (boy are girl) and cry on there shoulder and tell them why
feel the pain over and over by tourting yourself with them words you said

When you see your ex you

go all flirtatious and goes by him r her
you say hey too him r her and ask them how they been
you walk pass them (hostile)
anger builds up in you
think of a way to get them back from all them times they cheated on you