Which 2012 Pullip are you?

Which 2012 Pullip are you?

Are you the cute Kiyomi? Maybe you are the funky punky Luna! Or even the super chic Si'Anna? Take this 3rd installment of my pullip personality quizzes to find out!

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How would you describe your style?

Feminine and soft
Girly and cutesy and colorful!
Dark and interesting
Very fashionable! Whatever the lastest trend is!
Elegant and dressy, I love dressing up.
Funky and cool!

And how about your hair?

Wavy and super long with highlights! Very cute!
Curled and looking perfect all the time!
Pale and pretty.
Golden, voluminous and intricate.
All sorts of crazy colors!
Wavy and dark, it makes me look beautiful.

What do your eyes look like?

I have two different colored eyes.
Bright and blue.
Dark and enchanting.
Pretty and smooth brown.
Very sparkly and golden!

What is your most used makeup prduct?

Bright and colorful well... anything!
Mascara for pretty and femine lashes.
Smokey eyeshadow.
Bright red lipstick. So glamorous!
I don't wear much makeup :)
Eyeliner! Everybody totes loves it!

What month do you prefer?


What is your favorite fabric/print?

Silk and anything expensive.
I love furry and fluffy!
Anything funky, colorful and crazy!
Soft florals.
Leopard! It's always in style!

Favorite color?

Rainbow! ;)
Gold. It matches perfectly with everything!
Red. It's beautiful and elegant.
Soft pinks.

What is your worst flaw?

I can find it difficult to speak up.
I can be a little conceited...
Sometimes I'm a little too bold.
I have none!
I prefer to think of the positive! :)
I'm not very open.

Favorite scent?

Vanilla, it's simple but very in!
Rose. It's classic and luxurious.
Jasmine. It can be dark but very enticing.
Lavender, it's so soft and pretty.
Citrus, bold and fun!
Strawberry! Sweet and yummy!

Finally, one word to describe yourself?