What kind of candy are you?

What kind of candy are you?

Ever wonder what kind of candy fits you best? Are you a spicy 'Hot Tamale' or a sweet 'Hershey's Kiss'?

published on April 30, 201164 responses 8 3.6★ / 5

What did you do today?

I flirted, stole my BFF's guy/girl
Stole a car, yelled at my mother in law, ate a hobo's beef sandwitch.
I voulenteered at an animal shelter and made quilts with my neice.

What's your fave candy

Hot tamales
sour patch kids
hesheys kisses

This is a trick question, but

"How ya doin' babe?"

Shut up! i dunno you!
Um, sorry, cant answer this. i'm too busy fostering oil spill surviving ducklings and feeding my friend's new baby!

When was the last time you had a boy/girl friend?

I had one yesterday, have a new one today, gonna have another tomorrow.
I'm married so-I dont do that turdy dating anymore.
I am not getting married and I never dated anyone. I am too busy with helping at the senior center. (they love thunderstorms. they keep em' busy)

Did you like this quiz?

Yah, but, do you have like a supah hot brother/sister?
Yes, but it took up my time and wasterd too much electricity. But, I liked it!