What mood are you in?

What mood are you in?

If you have mixed emotions, you can find out your true mood right here! It's only Five questions!

published on April 30, 2011110 responses 27
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How was your day today?

Not Good.
Horrible, you booger!
Not as good as tomorrow will be!
Amazing, but would've been better if I kissed...
Not very well...there may not be a tomorrow.
Couldve been better- if ... didnt...!
Okay, cool, stuff
All of the above
I did sumthin bad-

What ya gonna do tomorrow?

Read and have fun with my fam!
Go Punch ...
Something awesome!!!
Go on a date with...
What tomorrow?
Tell ... how upset with them i am
sit, stare, blink, breathe
I dunno

Who's your BFF?

I have tons of friends!
my parents
Well... was my friend-
Well there's..., and..., and..., and..., and..., and..., and..., and..., and...,
I have a boy/girlfriend
What friends?
I am still a little foggy with what happened with...
Eh, ... and...
all of the above
I don't know if ... still likes me anymore

What do/did you want to be when you grow up?

Something fun and well-paying
somethin that pays a moderate amount
i dont know and dont care!
Something that I love and am good at and pays well.
Maybe a matchmaker-
I might not grow up.
i dont care as long as i can be far away from...
I dunno.
Something where ... cant skin me alive!

Did you like this quiz?

Sure. Whatever
Yeah! Make another one!
I wish there was one about LOVE!
sort of.
i dont know. did ... get "Guilty"?
um, yeah?
Well, did ... get "Betrayed"?