Does she like you? (For Guys)

Does she like you? (For Guys)

This quiz is meant to discover if your crush likes you back. If you take it, just remember that it may not be entirely accurate.

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Do you guys share a lot of classes or have similar hobbies?

Yes, both.
We have many classes together, but no shared interests.
We have a lot of the same interests, but few shared classes.

Have you guys ever hung out outside of school?

Yes, alone. She asked me.
Yes, alone. I asked her and she agreed wholeheartedly.
Yes, with a group of friends.

Do you have her phone number?

Yes, we text/call all the time to talk about random stuff.
Yes, we text/call about important stuff (feelings, etc.).
No she won't give me her number.
No, she doesn't have a phone.
She doesn't have a phone, but we email/call on home phone/hang out.

Does she ever talk about you to her friends when you aren't around?

How am I supposed to know??
Yes! They tell me about it all the time.
Well, they always giggle and look at me when I'm around...
No, they tell me that she doesn't like me.

Does she ever touch you in any way?

She always hugs me when she sees me, but we are friends, so no biggie.
She brushes against me sometimes.
Never, but she is a proper person.

Does she laugh at your jokes?

Yes, all of them, even if I didn't mean to be funny.
Most of them
Never, she always just looks at me like I'm crazy.

Does she ever try to make you laugh?

Yes, all the time
Sometimes, but usually in a group of people
Never, but she doesn't make that many jokes.

Does she ever try to talk to you during/after class?

Yes, but just about schoolwork.
Yes, usually about what I'm doing after school/ on the weekend.
No, she just talks to her friends

Is she a close friend of yours?