Am I going to jail?

Arrested recently? Find out if you're likely going to jail? Take this quiz to find out!

published on April 30, 201154 responses 11 3.7★ / 5

Do you have a record?

Yes, and it's longer than the Bible.
Only misdemeanors and dropped cases.

We're you intoxicated at the time you were arrested?

Only buzzed.
Sober as the day I was born.
I think I blacked out.

We're you carrying a weapon when you were arrested?

Yes, and a deadly one.
Yeah, but it's only illegal in some states.

Was your arresting officer nice?

Yes, surprisingly so.
For a cop.
Are you kidding me!?

Were you caught in the act?

Unfortunately so.
The've got nothing on me.
That's debatable.