What warrior cat are you? (1)

What warrior cat are you? (1)

Take the quiz to see with warrior cat of mine you will be!10 questions is all it takes!

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What pelt would you have?

Black and white!
Bengal grey!
Blue grey!
Any thing brown!

You are hunting,wait,what are you hunting?

Rabbits and squirrels!
Mice and voles
Meat?Berries more like!
Adders and reptiles!
Anything I can find!
Birds and shrews
Fish and fish!

You are the oldest and strongest kit of your litter mates!What do you do?

Help all your litter mates with getting fresh kill
and take responsibility for them
Pretend you are the same as them
Care for them and nurture them.
Leave them,their all picking on you for being the oldest.
Tell them all who's boss and take charge!
Play with them and act natural.
Oldest?No way!I'm the youngest!

You are told by Starclan to kill a kit!What do you do?

Ask Starclan why!
There's no way I'm killing a kit!
Tell my leader and ask what I should do
Kill it!Duh!Why would I disobey Starclan!
Find the best way to kill it!
Never!I will never harm a kit!
Sorry,odd you say Starclan?I ate to much fresh kill last night!

You are in a battle,witch clan do you fight for?

Thunderclan of corse!
I like to stay in the shadows and jump out on enemies of Thunderclan!
Fighting?Healing more like!
It depends,if my clan treats me well!
Shadowclan,the bosses!
Windclan!Show no mercye!Oops,went to far!