Sorting Hat Quiz (1)

Sorting Hat Quiz (1)

Hm, What house would you be in. Dare to find out? Are you willingto be sastified or disappointed?

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You are stuck in a bad situation with your companions and only one can leave at a time. You have less then 5 mins to get out. Do you...

Leave your friends behind.
Help your friends out planning to sacrifice yourself.
Plan a stragetic way out.
Worry and try to help out in any way you can.

You seem to have got yourself stuck in an odd situation at a dinner party. Someone spilt fine wine on the rug Do you....

Call a couple of house elves to clean the mess. Better not make a big fuss about it.
Yell at the person who spilt it on the rug and tell them to clean it up. After all that rug cost a fortune.
Tell the person not to worry and it will be up in a jiffy. It's not a big deal. It's only a little juice after all.
Sigh softly. Well it was bound to happen any way.

What is your Favorite Color? I know I know cliche. Just bear with me it's a standard thing.

Green. I do say this is a rather lovely color
I prefer scarlet myself though. It has so much meaning to it!
I prefer brown though. You can never go wrong with brown.
Yellow It's such a lovely color! Wouldn't you say? I think so at least.
Why are you asking about colors? What are you stupid?
Is this really standard? I don't believe so.

There is a troll in the girls restroom. It's destroying everyhting what do you do?

Let's fight the bloody thing!
Leave it alone. It's just a troll.
How did it get inside? Whoever let it in should know that it is very dangerous.
Hmm, This is rather amusing. I hope someone gets hurt.

Snape has given you a bucket loads of home work due by the end of the week.

Let it pile up with the rest of the work he has assigned me.
I might as well get it done. Unlike some gits it's just easier to be smart when it comes to Snape.
I'm smart I have no problem in doing this.
It'll be done as soon as possible. No sense in procrastination.

This was?

Rather boring too short.At least you tried( I tried :T)
This is stupid. You're stupid. (Nice vocabulary)
It was very fun!
It was quite alright. Make it longer.