Could you be my boyfriend??? (boys only please!!)

Could you be my boyfriend??? (boys only please!!)

This is to see if you could be my first ever boyfriend (yes, first, stop being so damn smug) because, let's face it, i'm desperate, and very lonely :( By the way, if you get a good result, please message me because i'd love to talk to you

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What do you look like? (Not basing stuff on looks but it would be nice to know)

Brown hair, grey eyes
Black hair, grey eyes
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Ginger, brown eyes

How old are you??

11-13 (My age is 11)
14-16 (bit over the limit here)
16-18 (ok no way am i gonna go out with you)

If I asked you out, what would you say???

Oh heyy do you want to talk outside?? (says yes afterwards)
Hi.... um....okay
Uh no
Can we just be friends?

So far, what do you think of me??

You sound really nice, I'd love to go out with you
Um, you sound quite nice I guess
I would never go out with you!!

Fave animal??

Whatever YOU don't like Me: Well that's a bit mean You: Muhahaha!