Which Avenger are you!!??

Which Avenger are you!!??

uhhh... The title pretty much somes it up!!! ps IRON MA ALL THE WAY!!!

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Ok.. so I know like every body asked this question!!.... WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR???

red, white, and blue, anything for our country
black.. its just what i do
silver and maybe blue.. anything that makes me
look powerful
Red and gold.. just gotta luv it!!
black... and maybe a little bit of purple

What "powers" are you absolutely dying to have??

Flying is so totally awesome
amazing flexibility

Ok. So i've asked you the basics. Now. What generally describes your attitude?

Loyalty is the key. Following directions is what
gets you places life
Dodgy... You dont generally want to mess with
me... I will get you
Following has never really been my style. I just
enjoy living a freelance life
Naturally very very smart!!! Regularly calm... but I
can have really epic mood swings
I think pretty highly of myself... I'm probably the
toughest one out there. I'll show you
Pretty regular... im kinda sneaky... but other than
that.. i dont know... ive got my sassy moments

Whos your faveorite avenger?

Iron man
Hawk eye
Black widow
Captain America

Which avenger would you date?

Iron Man
Balck Widow
Captain America