what character that i made up are you

what character that i made up are you

are you strawberry blue or golden dash or snow streem moon shine or maybe even buttercup

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you find animal lost what do you do?

oh i hope its ok
i wont let lodst again will i no i wont you you little thing
ehh thats scary

whats your favourite colour sorry just choose the one you like best out of these or other

blue and dark blue
baby yellow

who do you want to be?

starberry blue
golden dash
snow streem

your have a test tomorrow and it was late notice what do you do?

ahh im gonna be late i hope its not important (panicing voise)
who cares about test im going out to adventure
sit down and start studying

idk what to write so in the comments tell me what you got

i dont have a qfeast acount sorry:(
no thanks im going to adventure now
yeah sure

look at the first ever movie artpop version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYh4QnbhoDY
did the link work tell me in the comments

i didnt watch
cool lady gaga
ohh wow!!!!
you cant watch it