Flame of Ash's

Flame of Ash's

Which charecter are you? Find your flame. Are you a proficy kid? or a dead one? or both.

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What would you explain youself as? (be truthfull)

Tough and loving
Sarcastic and popular
Cool and stupid
funny and cute
Sweet and quiet
Sassy and Fun
Geto and peacfull

What power would you want?

Brown eye. Peace maker
Brown eye. force feilds
Brown eyes. Fortune teller

What is your favorite color?


Whats your favorite sport?

Basket ball
Foot ball
Track and field
I hate all sports!!
I don't really care

Someone you don't know tells you to follow them.what do you do?

Pull a knife on them
Wait for an explanation
Follow them. unless its like a adult.
Wait for them to tell you why
slap them. if they leave you follow. if they stay punch them.
call my gang
Never go with strangers

What do you hate the most?

Guns and being called cute. exept if I have a crush on that perso
Not knowing stuff
Places with no girls
Boys that hit on you with stupid moves

What kind of Boy friend/ girl friend would you like?

Are you serious? Boys are cute but they are a total distraction.
Girls who are fun to be around and can joke about stuff. someone who's not self consense
Guys who are sweet and funny. and cute
Hot guys. they have to be cool. and sarcastic. and natural. not like fonys
Well I'm only 7 but I would like a nice person... yah. thats it
A nice person who can go into any place and make it happy
A really hot girl! And smart. and fun to be with. but mostly hot

What Flicksys would you like most? (Flicksys is a mistical creature"

turns into : Red motorcycle, lighting necklace,Monkey, Lion.
Turns into: Mighnight blue motor cyle, A chain necklace, Turtle, Polarbear
turns into: Neon green motorcycle, grass watch, Snake, Elephant
Turns into: silver and black motorcycle, black sunglassed, Eagle, condor
I don't have one
What the heck are Flicksys?

Whats your favorite food?

Cotton candy.
Cheese burgers! what else?
Ice cream
Chocalet cake!!
Pie!! EVERY PIE!! but not mud pies.
Fried chicken.

Do you want any percings?

No It looks like It would hert
Totaly! I want a belly ring and earings that go all the way around!
Dude. I couldn't eben rock that look. and I can rock every look
uhhhhhhhhhhh. not really
I have one ear pearced. why are you in my bissness?
Ummmmm. Is Ash here? No? ok. ya I wand an ear peirced.
My ears are peirced. but I only were small earings

Someone just shoved your friend. what do you do?

Ask them to stop or go get help
Scratch there eyes out!
step between them and make a distraction
Punch them
shove them.
No one messes with my friends. they know they'll be dead if they do

What are you afraid of?

my little sister. Bad hair day
bad outfits and dark
I'm not afraid of anything

Which are you?

the fashion sense
the cool one
The popular one
the geto one
the cute one
the smart one
the leader, indapendent