How do you flirt with boys

How do you flirt with boys

find out how you with boys! are shy, confident, or youre just regular? find out whats your flirting style!

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asks you out on a date you dont what where he's taking you what do you wear

some skinny jeans and a snapback
i might wear a skirt dress but it has to be a fancy color
I FREAK out! then i call my friends on what to wear
as long as i have my phone

do pick up lines work on you

of course!
i just run away
i like boys who be their self

when he says youre cute what do you say

nothing i just laugh nervousley
wow LOL!
thanks i think youre cute
what eves

what is your special make up

eye lashes

what would be your perfect date

a double date in a picnic with my friend so she can help
me when my date gets bored
ride on a roller coaster and were holding each others
go skating with other dudes
somewhere with reception