Would you be a good horseback rider??

Would you be a good horseback rider??

Would you be a good horse back rider... Or would you be to strict, or not strict enough? If you would make a good rider what type of riding ( English or Western)

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Your horse is starting to not listen and is stopping when not asked to, or going faster when not asked, You,

Go back to walking and keep tight reins till they calm down.
Start something harder with them so that they have to pay attention .

Your horse Rears. but then quickly calms down, what do you do?

Just calm her/him down and keep going
Stop your horse and say "No" then keep going and hope it does not happen again.

Your horse is mean at feeding time and pushes you against the wall of their stall, you

Push through him/her and dump the food in their feed bin.
Just keep walking no matter what, toward the feed bin, he/she will get the message I want to feed them.

Your invited to a horse show, may the best looking horse win, what do you do?

Brush out every single bit of dirt ,wash them and braid their mane ant tail all up pretty.
Just brush them as good as you could maybe a bath and brush out their mane and tail, maybe pull their mane a little ( make it even)
Just bring them how they are.

You rather have a saddle that,

is Light weight
is heavy
WAIT,What is a saddle

When buying your horse you look for a

Calm strong horse
A horse? I don't want a horse
A eye catching, pure breed horse that is light weight ( for a horse) and looking to please.

When it comes to competing with your horse you rather,

Dressage,Show Jumping, and cross country
Calf roping and barrel racing
Who said I was going to ride him/her.

Your transporting your horse ( in a horse trailer) you,

Put all horse padding known to man on them.
put on the some of the padding, Tail wraps,Leg wraps.
Just put the horse in, whatever.