Which The Hunger Games Character are you

Are you Katniss, the hunter, Peeta, the kind person, or Haymitch. Good Luck

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You are being chased by a tribute, you have two choices to get away, you...

Stay and fight. You have to do it someday
Try to hide. You can't risk your life for this
Outsmart them. You have the skills to do it

There is only one food supply. And the enemy owns it. There are land mines around them. You have a number of plans, You...

Ignore it. Youre smart enough to find another supply
Destroy it. They're career tributes. They need to learn how to starve
Make an alliance with them. You're also protecting a special someone.

You are the last person in the arena. The other tribute is coming for you. What do you decide to do

Run. you'll lead them to a pit of something
Hide, then attack. You will have an element of surprise
Stand and fight. You have a possibility.

The announcer says that you can team up with those in your district if they're still alive. Your teammate is still alive, but you dont know where he/she is. How do you find them

Go to the last place you saw him/her. She/he was injured there, and wouldn't have gone too far
Just call for them. they will probably come for you.
Nothing. You are the one who is being looked for.

You are with your teammate. The announcer says that there can only be one winner.

You throw away your weapon. You want the other to win
Pull out your secret weapon. Nightlock Berries. You can both commit suicide
Just kill them. You want to see your family so badly.