Which diva are you in wwe

Which diva are you in wwe

love to watch divas in wwe find out which diva you are! are you a tough one a sweet one find out!

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What clothes do you wear

plaid skirt with high crop top
light colors
pants and a headband
everything plaid
pants boots and tank top

whos your rival?

Michelle Mccool
Beth Phoenix

What is your finsher what do you do to bring down your oppenents? what would you use to to win alot?

Star Struck
Glam slam
shining wizard
Chick Kick

whos your guy

two body gaurds
dolph ziggler, cm punk, john cena, daniel bryan, and more!
two tag team champs

whos your2 tag team partner

eve and alicia fox
trish and mickie
i dont need one
ashley and mickie
maybe natalya