Jane Eyre Quiz- Girls

Jane Eyre Quiz- Girls

See what male character from Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" you're most like!

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Which is more important to you: love; law; or duty?

All three are important- it depends on the situation.
Love, I guess. I don't care much for law or duty.
Love, definitely- unless my mom's around.
Love of learning and those around you.
Love! Unless it's more popular to say duty...
Power. (So what if it's not an answer choice?)
Love, but I care most about stability.
Love of those around you!

What do wealth and society mean to you?

Society and wealth are the most important things on earth!
Society and wealth are okay, but they aren' t the focus of my life.
Society and friends are great; so is wealth, but only if you have it...
Society's the most amazing thing ever, and money wealth will buy you stuff to be popular!
Society and being popular are great! Wealth's okay, I guess.
Neither is important.
Society's people are lovely; wealth is nice, but not necessary, for a happy life.
Society is means to an end, but wealth's great!
Society and wealth can both heal and corrupt; it depends on who holds them.

What's your idea of a great Friday night?

A long night of studying my books.
A nice evening with friends and family- or just some time in front of a mirror!
Spending time with those I love!
A big social party, where I'm the guest of honor. Or a date with someone else's boyfriend. ;)
A friend-filled night of games, books, or debate.
Time with my family- or finally getting rid of everyone else.
A glamorous party with me looking gorgeous!
Maybe a night alone or with friends- or that one guy.
A fun-filled party with pretty dresses and desserts!

If you could have any birthday present, what would it be?

A peaceful night with those I love.
A new dress! Or shoes! Or... whatever else is popular!
A new dress! Or shoes! Or... wait, this sounds familiar...
A night of peace, a new book... a date with that one guy I like...
A new mirror; or a donation to charity!
To have my family in a place of honor, and everyone else in poverty!
A night alone to study.
Mr. Popular as my boyfriend. (So what if he's engaged?)
A few new books, or a night with friends.

How do you rank as far as looks go? [Brackets reflect textual information.]

I look good enough! [Tell that to the mirror.]
I know I'm plain... [Very plain, except to one person...]
Gorgeous! [Pretty as a picture.]
I hope I'm somewhat fair. [So do we.]
I think I'm alright. [Yup!]
I don't care. [Fine, we won't say.]
Pretty! [Sure, why not?]
I hope I look amazing! [In that outfit, you do.]
I'm the most beautiful- and powerful- girl around. [Pretty much...]