what color suits you most?

take this quiz to find out what color most suits you? blah blah blah blah

published on April 27, 201164 responses 19
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what is your idea of a fun night?

an all-night LOUD party
stayin in and doing homework or reading
going to the mall
going to the movies
going out with a friend or two and making fun of random people

the perfect date?

walk on the beach
date? lets go to the club and pick up a one-night stand!
dinner and a movie
date? um i cant remember the last time i had one of them
... whatever the other wants

usualy in your radio

rap, rock, R&B
music frustrates me
something quiet

pick it...

horror movie. fire works.
ckihick flick. book.
action movie, commidy. google insults
any. hang with friend
i dont care

your friends are mostly?

the opposite sex
differant types of pepole
my minions
the quiet people if that

are you taking this quiz seriously?

yeah and no
yeah why else would i be on the internet and not reading a book or doing homework or som quiet activity?
no my friend told me to take it so i did
yeah, my haor is going this color next so it BETTER BE RITE