Would you like me?!?!

Would you like me?!?!

This is a quiz on if you would like me if you knew me in real life! Take it and see what happens!

published on April 28, 201339 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

I like Dancing! Do you like dancing?!

No i never dance! I HATE IT!!!!
I like to but i get embarrassed when i have to dance in
front of people.
TOTALLY! I even take dance classes!

I usually argue to make a point Do you?

Yeah i got to stand up for what is right!
No way! I hate fights and fighting!
Sometimes it depends on who it is. If it was say a big
bully that everyones scared of i would defiantly not.

I hate being it in tag and get really embarrassed when it comes to that becasue i usually dont tag anyone. Do you?

Nah idc
No whats the big deal?

I love singing! In fact even in front of people! How about you?

I like singing but not in front of people. Thats a total
Same!! Were twinzies!
No way!!!

Are you athletic? I am i play basketball, soccer, dance, and volleyball.

No way. I hate gym class and sports.
Totally! And i play all those sports including baseball
and softball
I wouldnt call myself that i would prefer the words
"athletic freak'
Yea i guess i only play volleyball and dance though
Yeah i play all those sports! I luv gym!