Warrior Names (girls only unless guys want a girl name ;-3)

Warrior Names (girls only unless guys want a girl name ;-3)

This is a personality quiz about warrior characters. I made up the warrior names you will be choosing, but they are normal names that cats could have, not Fluffball or Sunshine or Metalclaw. I hope you enjoy!

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Do you have a mate?

Of course NOT. I wish I could...but I can't because that would break the medicine cat code.
No, that would get in the way of me becoming leader.
No, but I do have my eye on somebody. ♥♥♥
Yes, and just so happens I am expecting kits with them.
Yes, and I also have two kits.

Are these questions okay? Or are they boring?

Are these questions okay?  Or are they boring?
Definitely very good
It was alright
It was meh, feelings neutral
bad, just bad
Awful! I never want to do this quiz again! :P

What Clan do you belong to?


A notice a cat is badly wounded near the throat and you have a choice of keep fighting, defending your Clan, or stop fighting and take the cat with you to the medicine cat's den. What would you do???

I would claw the other Clan's ears off! The warrior code specifically states that a warrior does not need to kill to win a battle! That Clan should know better than to mess with us!
I would save the cat. Other cat's are probably still going to keep fighting so why should I if a cat needs my help?
Fight for my Clan of course! There are and will be more warriors but this battle is right here right now.
I am the medicine cat! Of course I will take him/her to my den! That's my job!
Umm... I think I would keep fighting because after we win then we could save the cat and bring it back (if it hasn't bled to death yet...)

You notice a cat sneaking out at night. You follow him/her once, and turns out, they are learning advanced and evil-looking battle moves with the deputy of a rival Clan. What do you do?

I HAVE noticed someone sneaking out at night...Wait, what's the question?
Go and tell my leader. This cat must be stopped.
Walk up to them and tell them that being a warrior is not just killing and fighting. The warrior code specifically states that.
Keep it a secret. If they found out I saw them doing that, they would kill me.

What ranking would you like out of these five?

expecting queen
queen with two she-kits
Medicine cat

If you could have any one of these pelt colors/types, which one would it be?

reddish tabby; long fur
tortoiseshell and white; short fur
silver tabby; short fur
white with some gray stripes; long fur
dappled golden tabby; short fur