Which Gone Character are you most like

This is about the characters of GONE. Hope you like it. If you havent read it, you should!

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If you saw someone being bullied, and you knew that the bully wasn't very bright, what would you do?

Try and convince him to protect you
Try and stop him
Ignore it
say to the victim that you will protect him/her if they do something for you

Would you take a life to save your own


Your best friend told your enemy your darkest secret, what do you do?

You ignore it and go for your enemy
You dont even reveal your secrets to anyone
you'd be angry at your friend forever
you would confront your friend

Are you good or evil

Er, evil, i guess
I think Im both
Of Course, im good
Why should i tell you

What would you do if the most powerful person in the world was a little boy/girl

I'd protect him/her
Its probably my little Bro/sis
Id try to capture the boy/girl
I wouldnt get involved