Which Affinity Best Fits You?

Which Affinity Best Fits You?

which House of Night series character are you most like? find out which of the five elements found in the vempire series matches you by your personality.

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what can people find you doing on the weekend?

parties every second! wh hoo!!
catching up on school work or things on your to-do list, fuuuun.
just chill out with a couple of friends, nothing much
speading a day at the park, tree huging or just a nature walk (:
going shopping with you best friend, yay!! :D

one of your friends gets in some major drama, what do you do?

try to compromise, have them meet halfway (:
jump into the drama and defend your friend
try to find out the positive and negative outcomes and go from there
fighting your urge to dive into the fight, you instead talk your friend out of a stupid discussion
stay out of it; they're your friend, but its not your fight. wouldn't want to get involved something that's not my business!

your enemy passes with a dirty look on their face..how do you approach your them?

stay away from their bubble and ignore them, creates peace (:
acknowledge them but stay confident and keep moving forward
pass them by quiclky so they would hardly notice you
try to avoid them by going the opposite direction
give them dirty looks and cuss them out under your breath. they mess with you, you mess with them! >:)

4)your homework is due next class and you have to talk to the teacher, so you accidentally leave your homework on your desk and when you come back it's gone! How do you deal with this dilemma?!

Yell at everyone who took you homework! It took too much time to just lose it all of a sudden!
You calmly go around telling people if they have seen your homework without giving a fit
You go with the flow, don't really care much, just copy someone else's homework, no big deal ;)
Shyly go around the classroom looking for your paper and hope that it just drifted away. Or make an excuse to the teacher for losing your homework!
with confidence, you tell the teacher if he saw anything and search all over the room desperately.

5)Your friend falls in the middle of the hallway and drops all her stuff and some people start to help her..What would you do?

Help your friend and maybe walk her to her class ..stand up for her.
You shyly walk beside them and just decide to pick a paper or two, besides they
Tell the people that you can do it because you are her friend! And that's what friends are for!!
You pass so quickly that you didn't see them because of the people.
Immediately take action and go help you friend out!

6)There is a party held at your friends house and everyone you know is going! But, you also have your arrival of your relatives! What is you solution to this?

You go if your friends go, wouldn't want to miss a thing!
ou decide to take part in ''Taking the environment'' club at school to earn volunteer hours! You want to get ahead don't you?
You so go party! This is the time to meet new friends!! PARTY all day!! wh hoo!
You go if your best friend goes!
ou decide to stay home and just relax and think about the drama in your life.

Your best friend gets a new makeover and it turns out weird, how would you tell her about how she really looks to you and make her understand so her feelings won't get hurt?

You let it all out and tell her both the positive and negative effects of her looks! Truth hurts!
You try to tell her in the most nicest way possible without saying anything bad that might turn her down
You are an honest person and tell her the truth, it's better than her being humiliated in public!
You aren't a person to hurt people's feelings, so you just tell her if she likes it then you are ok with it.
You try persuading them to try another outfit or go shopping !

8)It's another year of school and you wake up on the first day of school alarm clock.what do you decide to do?

Try to wear something casual, wouldn't want to be the center of attention on the first day. Be your normal self!
Wake up fresh and decide to go walking from school, nothing like enjoying nature at early morning..(:
Act shy around others, you don't know anyone so might as well take it easy today.
Spice it up a bit by being popular on the first day and making friends with everyone you see! The more the merrier! :))
Make friends, talk, chat, be helpful and work work hard!

you're a victom of a makeover gone so so wrong, what's your attitude?

do care, looks aren't what matter in the long-run
own it! find a way and force it to work.
you don't mind what people think, but you add your touches for personal benefit
cry and stay in your room 'til you look good again
go with the flow, too busy to worry about your looks

you're going through a rough post breakup period, what's your mentality?

"i don't blame them and i don't blame myself."
"time to love myself before i can love anyone else."
"throwing myself into my work, push away the pain!"
"at least without us fighting, the world's a little better."
their lost, not mine! im okay being alone, but i wont be single for long" (;