r u a good friend (1)

r u a good friend (1)

find out if u r truely loyal or a royal b***h. r u a good friend? or r u not?

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if ur friend asks if u can copy what do u say?

u shouldent, butttt ooookkkk

ur friend calls up and invites u to a movie, what do u say?

i cant, not tonight

a new girl/boy fancies u and asks u out on the same day as the friend shopping trip what do u say to the boy/girl

i cant im busy
i will have to cancel my shopping trip

do u tell the truth?

yes always
not always

u r at the school dance, u r asked to dance by ur biggest crush but u have promised to stick with ur friend, what do u say to ur crush?

sorry, i cant, i made a promise, cant break it
umm ok, let me ask my mate