What Starter Pokemon Would You Be?

What Starter Pokemon Would You Be?

Starters from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are in this quiz. Sinnoh, Unova, and the starters Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie will be coming in the next quiz!

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You are in the middle of Math class. What do you do?

Listen to everything the teacher says, and take notes.
Half-awarely listen to the coversation.
Day dream until the teacher catches you.
Make faces, giggle, and whisper with my friends.

How religious are you?

Don`t really believe in anything...
I believe in anything science tells us.

You have the chance to go on vacation! Would you like to...

Go on a cruise!
Visit an amusment park!
Explore cool places!
Visit a nice spa.
Hang out at the beach!
Don`t really care...

You`re at a resturant. What food do you order?

Seafood! Bring on the fish!
I`m dieting. A nice salad is fine.
A juicy steak is the best!
I`ll order whatever looks good.

You can get a pet! What animal do you choose?

A dog is a great companion!
Cats are really fun to have!
Something small, like a hamster, gerbil, or rat.
A bird is always a great friend to have!
Fish are okay. They aren`t that difficult to raise, after all.
A reptile! They`re just so awesome!

How intelligent do you think you are?

The smartest person here!
Your average Joe.
Me? SMART? Not at all!

What is your favorite outfit to wear?

Throw a T-shirt and shorts together, no biggie.
I need to look good to make a good impression!
Something FUN!
A dress, or maybe a nice roomy shirt and skirt...OR I could play it safe with a skort...ARGH!!

You`re about to go skydiving! What do you do?

Ummmm...sorry, I have places to be...
Can we just get this over with?

How artistic do you think you are?

I don`t really draw...
I`m an artist! *looks proudly at your art*

Why did you want to take a quiz?

My friend told me to.
I was bored...
I wanted to get a starter I like.
I felt like taking a quiz, sooo... >3<