Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a leader or a follower?

This quiz is to see if you mostly follow the crowd or if you are the leader of the crowd. It is basically to see if you are a follower or a leader. Enjoy!!!

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If you have perfect attendance at school but one day the most popular girl at school asks you to ditch school with her but you don't want to mess up your perfect attendance what would you do?

I would ditch because then I would be with the popular people.
In my opinion I'm already popular and I don't need anyone else messing up my accomplishments just to be popular when I already am.
Pretend I'm sick and get early dismissal and go with the popular people
Tell they are ditching

You noticed that your friends have start ditching school, stealing etc. what do you do?

I just find better friends
I do the same thing

Do you think you are a leader or a follower?


If you were a singer you would be the...

Back up singer
main singer
Song writer

Your friends may describe you as...

A leader
A follower

Your friends wants to go to a party and wants you to come too. But you don't want to go because you know you will get in big trouble and you're going somewhere with your family what would you do?

If I don't want to go I won't go and they can't make me
I will go because my friend is going, if I get in trouble at least I went to the party
I will lie and say I'm going to the library so I can really go to the party