Which Sonic character are you? (1)

Find otu which Sonic X character you are like! just answer questions and find out your sonic identity.

published on April 21, 201396 responses 30
Which Sonic character are you? (1)
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You find a rare gem, what do you do with it?

Find out if it's a chaos emerald
expirament with it
Sell it for money,
Keep it for accesories
Give it to Eggman so he can destroy Earth >:)
Gaurd it likke how you would guard the master emerald.

Eggman up to trouble again, what do you do?

Help him destroy the city
Try and see if you can destroy eggman but notice flaws
Run away in fright
try and keep the people safe
take your time and try to figure out the attacker's weaknesses
go right into action and ignore the dangers

What's your favorite color?


What's your fave hobby?

Playing hero
being fangirly

It's your birthday, what do you do?

PARTAY! *invites all your friends and hires a stripper*
OMG! Cake and Ice cream!
Have all my fans show up and cheer my name all night long!
Invent myself a birthday present then go hang with friends
Celebrate with myself. I'm not that social
Meh... I honestly don't care

Fill in the blank:
The best place to go to for spare time is ...

The club to party with friends
See if eggman is up to trouble again
My lab to invent some more
the beach and collect seashells
stay at home and read or nap
go nowhere and sulk and think and sulk some more. You do this alot

If you had a pet, what would it be?

A freaking bunny!
Probably a cat or kitten,
a dog
hmm, something industructable... so a rock.
a bird
something fast, so probably a cheetah >:)

If you found out you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

some more science equipment and blue print paper.
Running shoes and probably buy a race track for the heck of it.
I'd probably buy some accessories then donate it to friends, or to a good cause.
burn the money, who needs it?
give it all to a friend. He probably needs it more than I do

If you found out you had over 100 fangirls/fanboys, what would you do?

OMG! I'm so flattered! ^////^
call me! 0u~ <3
erm, ignore them i guess?
Geez! I never would have thought! Thanks!
I don't have time for fans, I'm too busy being deppressed. Leave a voicemail. Thanks.
Yah! make fanart! shirts! plushies! I WANT TO BE ON TOP! >;D

Are you excited to find out who you are?

I guess so, I mean, it's just a quiz
Oh Darling, of course I am~!
.... I guess?
yes, so I can leave and go do business >:I
Heck yea! I'm so excited! who is it? who is it?