What type of warrior cat will you be?

What type of warrior cat will you be?

Ever wondered what you might be if your a warrior cat? then find out in this quiz!!

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Your mother enters the nursery with a few pieces of prey for you and your siblings, do you...

Let your fellow kits take first pick then you eat what ever gets left over.
Be the second cat to pick your prey.
Pick the smallest piece, your to busy to eat at the moment.
Let the weekest siblings eat first then you pick.
Eat a shrew, its your best meal but you slowly eat it as if you scared of cats around you.
You wait for ages, eating isnt much of a big deal anyway. Youd rather do something else.
Let everyone eat even the adults. There more important.

Oh noes! Windclan attack! even though your still a kit, the leader wants the eldest litter to fight but with warriors by there side. What do you do?

FIGHT FOR YOUR CLAN!!!! you will fight with all your power and wisdom you have until every last windclan cat has left with a souveniour!
Fight with the weekest bunch of your clan. They dont stand much chance against a group of windclan cats. After all with most of you there they dont stand a big chance of winning!
Protect cats in the main clearing! the medicine cats den, nursery and elders dens are all a risk of being attacked!
You dont fight in the clearing but on the borders where the leader is. You dont want to stay in the boring clearing where not much action is going on!
You fight outside the nursery! You feel not as brave enough to go out more further. Your mother and fellow kits mean more to you.
You stay in your own space, not in the clearing but in the borders where everyone else is fighting. Yes your still fighting but by yourself, if any cats come to you youll kill em!
You fight in the borders and with as much Windclan cats as you can fight! Using all of your knoledge of skills you can think of hurting some Windclan warriors!

Your mother calls inside the nursery for you and your siblings to go to bed. You appraoch your bedding, what do you do next?

Well.... ill wait, till everyone else has gone to bed then ill be last but before the adult cats!
Wait till my youngest siblings have gone to bed, then it will be me. But incase i will check to see if any one was coming from outside for no reason.
Just have a little check at my bedding incase im gonna sit on thorns or anything else.
Go to sleep of course! after all that fighting from windclan im busted out! if i ever want to become an apprentice i cant be lazy!
ill think of what i might do tomorow then eventually ill fall to sleep.
ill stay up!!! do heck with sleep! instead ill sneek out and leap onto a low branch, look out for any trespassers that might come in.
i will stay up late, wait till everyone in the nursery is asleep and then listen for anything eventually i will curl up and go to sleep.

You and your siblings are playing when the eldest suggest they go and play outside the borders next to the riverclan stream (sunningrocks.) you dont want to stay and have your body washed by your mother so you tag along. You get to sunningrocks and your siblings dare you to swim to the other side of the stream to riverclans border. What do youdo?

Decline the offer with a a stern voice
Are you mad!? why would i do that, i cant even swim.Call me what youlike but no way am i doing this!
I might drown! and thus die! so noway
Its not the right thing to do. You cant be forced to do something you dont wanna do!
well.. if it will make me stronger... then ok
sure, ill show you wimps how to swim like a proper warrior. Im not gonna show how week i am
We are breaking the warrior code entirely! leaving camp when kits, having to swim across to riverclan borders! absaloutly not im going home.

When you get older, it will be time to choose a mate. What kind of cat are you looking for?

someone who knows what to do when theres a problem
A kind and gentle cat. when something goes wrong she/he will always be reasurring
Someone who knows good skills in order to survive. Like hunting, Fighting and caring.
A cat who is strong. Shows no weekness on the outside but softness on the in.
A cat with a good sense of humour. Whenever i want to share a piece of fresh kill with this person, she/he will be more than happy to be there for me.
Someone who doesnt mind me taking over sometimes. Can be stern when i get over the top
Um well.... myabe someone who can help out but i wont really need the assistance.

Its your first time at a gathering! your not sure what its meant to be like and how to act, but a older apprentice is someone whos your friend so you just follow what she does. Finally the leaders begin to speak the clan news and the shadowclan leader announces that he scents thunderclan scent on there border. You blurt out loud before anyone can reply. What do you do afterwards?

Blush and back away slowly to the back of the crowd
Give a hawk eyes and dip your head in apologies
shrugg and go "but i had to say it"
Start to sweat and stammer while saying your sorry
Wish that you hadnt done it and apologize to everyone especially the leaders.
express your answer but before saying sorry or else you will sound rude.
Stay silent and just stand there not moving.

You are given a choice to join a new outsider clan, Ashclan. What do you do?

decline the offer, you want to spend time with a real clan
accept it. Youve got nothing better to do.
Ask questions first then accept. Your curious.
No way! i dont want to join your clan. Besides my friends and family are in my clan.
shake your head and hiss. You dont ven no what its like and your life is way better than starting a new one!
I want to carry on watching out for my family and friends.
Absaloutly not! you love the life in your own clan! I want to hunt and fight with the clans i no!