Which Big bang theory character are you?

Which Big bang theory character are you?

Out of Leonard,Sheldon,Penny,Howard and Raj who you are most like. Have fun!!

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A new Girl/ Guy moves next door, what do you do?

Think of what your kids will look like.
Hope you'll ever bump into them.
Introduce yourself as a neighbor then hit on them.
I am the new Girl/Guy
I can't talk to them

What would be your ideal valentines day?

A date with a gorgeus girl/guy
I don't do valentines day
I randomer who will take me for dinner.
Sex all day
I can't ask anyone out.

What would your ideal job be from the list

Experimental Physicist
Caltech theoretical physicist
A waitress/ waiter
Engineering Physicist

How would your friends best describe you?


What kind of home did you grow up in?

A farm
A home where your twin sister constantly punched you
A home with no birthdays
A home that you still live in with your mother.
You grew up in india