Jane Eyre Quiz- Guys

Jane Eyre Quiz- Guys

See what male character from Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" you're most like!

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Which is more important to you: love; law; or duty?

Love conquers all!
Duty is king over every other temptation.
Love your neighbor as yourself, as the saying goes.
If by "love of your life," you mean myself!
Law, of course- as an excuse to line my pocket.
The law, the law, the law!
Love, especially towards family.

What do wealth and society mean to you?

Wealth is the way to support the needy members of society.
Weatlh is for me, and I'm at the top of society!
I'm ambivalent on both, though I'd rather society stick to its morals.
Wealth should be earned only to give back to society.
Wealth and society means little. (Unless you have some to share...)
Wealth and society are pointless; a person can do without both and be happy.
I'd give up wealth and society if it meant achieving my dreams.

What's your idea of a great Friday night?

Gambling, drinking, raking in the cash- maybe kicking an orphan. >:)
Sitting at home with a glass of tea, away from my crazy family.
A dinner party with the elites of society- but only if that certain someone is there.
Chatting with friends and family.
Helping save those in need.
Visiting the needy. (And then painting the town red!)
Getting knee-deep in laborious work.

If you could have any birthday present, what would it be?

Marrying the girl of my dreams.
A day where everything was the way it should be, with no imperfections.
A birthday party with all the people I love.
A trip to a third-world country to do charitable works.
All the money in the world!
A donation to charity.
A Bible. (That I would sell for cash.)

How do you rank as far as looks go?
[Brackets reflect textual information.]

Not the most important thing on my mind. [Or ours, for that matter.]
Don't really care. [But really, you're godlike.]
Somewhat handsome, hopefully. [Nope.]
Not quite sure. [And neither are we...]
Looks don't really matter. (But I'm gorgeous!) [No, you're a menace.]
Ugly to everyone but her, I hope. [Yep, you're ugly. (But she could care less.)]
Godlike! [No, you're not.]