What are Temperanment you?

What are Temperanment you?

The Four Temperaments is a theory of psychology that stems from the ancient medical concept of humorism.

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If there was a new kid in school, what would you do?

ignore them/ not even realize they are new
show/help them around by welcoming them as a friend
help them only to look good among the teachers
have somebody help them, indifferent

Which would you rather do during your spare time at school?

play sports
Join clubs
Hang out with friends
Study/Do homework

Do you have...

a couple of very close friends
everyone is my friend!
I usually keep to myself
I can usually hang out with just about anyone

Do you like trying new things?

not always, I don't like change
sure, bring it on, but it better be fun
sure, why not, I like trying new things
only if it isn't too crazy

Who is your ideal hero?

someone who helps other but doesn't boast about helping others
someone famous
a person famous for helping people

What is your view of the world?

it is a scary place that is always chaning
a wonderful place full of opportunity and fun
a place cruel place, that you feel you must fix
joining everything, to make the world better

At college, you plan to...

party at college
glide my way through college, not getting into drama
go through college perfectly
join all of the clubs and organization in college

What kind of emotion do you feel the most?

worried/ perfectionist
curious and observant
talkative and daydreamer

What is your ideal hairstyle?

something wild but nice that will get you noticed
something comfortable that allows you to many things
something that hides your face
a neat and perfect updo

What kind of career best suits you?

party planner