What the Harry Potter characters think of you GIRLS ONLY

This is what the Harry Potter characters think of you, which is really obvious. Oh yeah, by the way GIRLS ONLY! Sorry if it stinks.

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RP: Neville walks by. He looks very sad. What do you do?

Try to help him or comfort him, whichever is necessary.
He's miserable because of me, idiot!

Sorry, I have to ask: What color defines you?

Red: bright, fun, and energetic!
Black: hateful, sly, and cruel

More RP:Who do you want to ask you to the Yule Ball?

Someone with complely pure heritage, like Draco.
Someone kind, and it doesn't matter if they are in my house or not.

Where are you in relation to Quidditch?

Either on the team or, if I don't make it on the team, in the stands, cheering my house on.
I have to be on the Quidditch team, or I'll tell Daddy and there'll be trouble.

Again, sorry but I have to ask: Did you like this quiz?

No, it was stupid!
Yeah, it was super awesome!