Camp Half Blood love Life... PART 2!!!

Camp Half Blood love Life... PART 2!!!

That's right! part 2 has arrived! so pleeease take the quiz! I will love you forever and you'll be my best frined!

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You wake up in a sweat. Light is pourong in from your window. The clock says it's 9:30! YOU OVER SLEPT! No one in your in cabin even bothered to wake you up! You are:

Mad at Luke for not waking you up.
Glad that Luke let you sleep in!
Plotting a secret trap for Luke to fall into
Getting up, Getting dressed, and Going to
Going to say thanks to Luke, maybe hug him
Thinking good things about Luke

You hurry into the cafeteria and get some toats and scrambled eggs. You suddenly hear rumors o a quest for some sort of profecy. For now, you just shrug it off and grab a seat next to:


You quickly gobble down your food and you run to your first training sessio. Appearently you have arts and crafts with Percy! He hands you a car and says he mad it for you. You reply-

"Why the heck are you making ME a card?!
Wouldn't that be cheating on Annabeth?"
"Oh, thanks"
"THanks. That's a really nice card. Can you teach
me how to make one?"
Hug him and say, "That so nice of you! Thanks."
"Yo, you wanna neet up at the beach so I can
"Thanks, do you wana go hang out at the beach
tomorrow? Just uhh... make sure no one else is
there. Especially Annabeth. She'll get mad at us."

When you leave, you notice Jason talking to Piper. Piper and jason see you and walk by. They say hi, and ask you to stop by their cabins to hang out. Jason seems like he really wants to be friends with you. You say?

"Well, I have some stuff to do, so i'll catch you
guys later." and you run away to your next
station as fast as you possibly can.
"Sure, that'd be cool" and you walk away slowly.
"Of course! I ca't wait! What time should I come
"I would TOTALLY louve to!" and hg Jason but
glance at Pper with a disgusted look on your
You immedately grab Jason and drag him back to
your cabin! Who cares about PIper! Jason is
"Umm... NO THANKS! I would rather die than
hang out wit you love birds.

It's getting late so you go into the woods to check things out.(me: now why on earth would you do that?!?!) YOu tense o when you hear the sound of a familiar scream. The enemy must be circling the perimeter. You-

Immediately try to figure out whats going on.
Who needs weapons when you have strategies?
Come to your senses and run back to camp.
You've got to use time wisely and warn your
friends. You would never betray them in the
middle of this
Look for the enemy. You've got to kill it before it
gets any closer.
Look for a stick or sword. If you're going to fight
the monster, you might as well fight it with
something useful!
Notify a friend that is willing to help. YOu can
take down the monster together!
Look the enemy straight in the eye and talk them
out of it, Why use violence when you can use

You run closer to where the sound is coming form and realize that the enemy(apparently a monster) us targeting Nico with his spear. Nico calls to you for help while he is desperately trying to summon the dead. You-

Scream and run back to camp. Dead people freak
you out! (Me: HAHAHA!!WHIMP!)
DO the best you can to help
Jump onto the monster's back and signs Nico to
throw you his sword so you can defeat the
monster as a team.
Help Nico summon the dead while trying to fight
the monster at the same time, Nico needs you!
Defend Nico with your life! If the monster wants
him, he's gonna have to go through you first!
Shake your head and walk away, who cares about
a stupid Hades kid? (ME: YOU WANNA TRY ME

You and Nico walk back to camp. You're both grimy and bruised. So far, no one has even bothered to ask you guys what happened. THat's when Leo walks up, "Hey, are you guys okay?" You-

Think the question is directed towards Nico, and
ignore him. (ME: poop on you!)
answer, "Yeah, we're fine."
Reply, "Yep, We're alright! Nice of you to ask."
Smile gratefully and say, "Yep! Of course I'm fin.
YOu should've seen me fight the monster.
Although, you would've done way better than
really want to go out with this guy. He's so
PERFECT!! He's got a sense of humor, he's brave
AND he's nice! "I wasn't okay THEN, but i'm okay
NOW since you're here."
Have a sudden craving for pie and run away. Pie
is so much better than poppy old, Leo Valdez!

At the campfire, you have no idea where to sit! Everyone is begging for you to sit with them!(Me Look at you miss popularity!) BUt honestly, you wanna...

sit with Frank Zhang
sit with Jason Grace
sit with Nico Di Angelo
sit with Leo Valdez
sit with Luke Castellean
sit with Percy Jackson

After singing a couple songs, a holographic figure shines above your head. Nobody knows what it means. It seems that a minor god has claimed you so you have to stay in the Hermes Cabin after all. On your way back, Frank says, "It's okay, we can still hang out!" YOu reply-

"Nobody asked to hang out with you!"
"That's cool!"
"I hope so. It was really fun being your friend."
"THat would be awesome! We could ask Chiron if he can change my schedule so I have all my classes with you!"
"Oh my gods! I'm so happy that you LOVE hanging out! We could be great friends and...."
"Uh, you REALLY think I even want to LOOK at you! You are such an idiot!"

You immediately flop on your bed and fall into a dream! You dream about?

Leading a quest with your friends at Camp Half Blood
Fighting all the gods you've hated all your life
Having fun at another camp
Visiting your family in the underworld
Leading a quest at Roman Camp
Flying a bronze dragon!!!

Who do you WANT to date?