What fish are you? (1)

What fish are you? (1)

What kind of fish are you like? Just answer these easy and fun questions to find out! See if you are like a guppy, shark, and much, much more!

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How would your friends describe you?

Always ready to help
Always making people laugh
Always making sure everyone is happy
Chatty, in a good way
Go with the flow

What sounds best?

Sleeping all day
Dancing with your friends
Being somewhere new with a lot of new people
Helping people and the community
Going for a walk in a big, open field
Having fun with your friends

What activity do you prefer?

Chilling and relaxing with your friends
Running around with your friends
Chatting with people
Helping your friends
Being alone and thinking

how would you describe yourself?


What game plan would you go with?

See how it goes and play it by ear
Just having fun, it doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as it was fun
You don't really like sports that much, you would rather sit and watch
Communication with the team
Just start playing with out a plan

Where would you go?

Snorkeling over a coral reef
Anywhere as long as you can dance
Anywhere tropical
Somewhere calm and relaxing