What is your personality (4)

What is your personality (4)

Are you nice, medium or mean? Take this quiz to find out. Also take my other quiz 'are you pretty?' to see if your personality matches your looks.

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A guy/girl cheats on your friend or you. You...

Still be their friend.
Hate them and beat them up or hit them.
Just blank them, and ignore them.

Someone gets bullied in your class. You...

Beat the idiot up.
Rage at the idiot or the person who gets bullied for being annoying.
Confort the person, remind them your theyre friend and tell them to tell a teacher.

A boy who everyone hates is in your class. Your friends hate him, what do you do?

Be his friend all the time.
Be his friend some of the time. Others im mean to him if he annoys me.
Ignore him/Bully him.

Do you like hitting people?

I do, but i dont do it cos they will tell. I still hit people though!
Hell no!
F**k Yeah!

Someone annoys you. What do you do?

Have a go at them.
Be polite to them.
Ask them why are you doing this? Then be sweet to them.

Your enemy tries to be friends with you, but they arent your worst enemy. You...

Be their friend.
Confront them and say you dont think we should be such good friends. Remember how mean you were?
Smack them and tell them to take a hike.

Do you sware?

All the time.

Your friends treating herself horribly cos of someone, eg your friend
has an eating disorder, cuts themself, tries to kill themself, or kills themself

Beat up the son of a b***h who done this to them.
Rage at them.
Blank them and put flowers at your friends grave, pray for your friend, help your friend.

Do you think your all it?

Hell yeah!
Im pretty and knid. But im not better than everyone.

You dont want to be friends with someone you know. You..

Tell them to stop stalking them, bog off and get a life.
Take your anger out on other people.
Stay their friend-They need the extra friend.